As I looked at my wordless white notebook page and wondered what to write about for my second blog, I decided to randomly open my book to see what appeared. Wouldn't you know it! It was Lesson Fifty-One: “The Blank Page." After a chuckle or two, I decided to share with you something that has kept me from achieving my own personal goals with ease and confidence. It has been some time since my last blog for reasons that can only be described as two 4-letter words. These words have restricted my life experiences causing me many missed opportunities and delayed rewards. I assumed these words were protecting me when in fact they were standing in my way! The first word is L-A-Z-Y. By not doing there was no chance of failure.

My second word was F-E-A-R, which I shared with others without feeling judged for not doing. I stood behind my fear as it was something I was not able to change. I perceived these two words as comforting without knowing how much power they were actually taking away from my own true self.
“For every new day, there will be a blank page.”
From my birth, my story begins as a wordless piece of paper. It has developed into a beautiful collection of experiences creating the person I am today. What has taken me 50 years to figure out is that in order for me to reach my goals it is necessary for me to envision my life without my two 4-letter words! When I can help someone else's life become more than it was through my own wisdom, it is no longer about Me, it is about Us.

From a sentence in Lesson Fifty-One "You have the opportunity to spread your words of experience into the lives of those living with only pages of  white.” My fear of public speaking had prevented me from sharing my work with those who could benefit from it. My laziness only contributed to it. "The Blank Page" is about each day and each day is a new beginning. With determination and desire you can learn to release your own fears that will open your heart to endless possibilities and fill your pages of white with more than you could ever dream possible.