We have all asked ourselves this question and we have all have given ourselves the answer: Yes, no or maybe. Let me share this rather unusual story of synchronicity. Recently while visiting my daughter in California I picked up a free newspaper at a local coffee shop. As I opened the paper, a small colorful flyer fell out onto my lap. It was announcing a summer light-worker Festival that was scheduled to kick off that same afternoon. I really wanted to go but by the look of my daughter’s expression, I knew she did not share my enthusiasm for such an event. I simply stated that if we finished our “to do” list I would like to check it out. Late afternoon approached and we were on our way to the festival! The festival was small and not really what I had hoped for. We decided to attend a sound healing meditation as we walked into the room late and sat down to find out 10 minutes later that it was over. Our entire day was rather stressful and the peacefulness of our previous 10 minutes was begging for more. As we sadly stood up I introduced myself and my daughter to the instructor. His energy was as beautiful as was his smile. I shared with him the story of the flyer and wondered if we were guided there for this reason. Three months later my daughter became extremely homesick and depressed. I received a text from her that read, "Please find me a spiritual counselor today!" As I fumbled endlessly on the Internet I came up empty-handed. I changed my search to yoga instructors and was bombarded with too many to count. Not having much patience I was about to turn off my computer when a certain name and description felt intuitively right on. I called the phone number and said that I was calling from Florida and that my daughter lived in California. He responded and said, "Yes I know, you are the one that had the newspaper flyer fallout onto your lap!" I knew at that moment this was no coincidence. My daughter met him the next day and she called me to say “Thank you so much for finding such a perfect match for me.” What I love about this experience of synchronicity is that I was never the one to find anything. The perfect person, place or situation will appear just as long as you open to the beautiful experiences. Be grateful and appreciate your coincidental experiences just as you would receive a special gift. What is really funny is that I had my youngest daughter type this blog on her computer to make some extra money. When I looked up on the top of the document, she sent it to me at 1:11:11. I just laughed and had to show her that there are no such thing as coincidences.

– Linda Carol



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